I’m a 30 year old from Glasgow, Scotland who likes to write self-reflective blog posts, the occasional review, and whatever else pops into my brain. I’ve stayed here all of my life but I’m hoping to travel the world, develop some photography skills, write down stories, and enjoy nature at its finest.

I’m into all sorts of music and have been obsessed with the Ruins album from First Aid Kit lately who I’ve seen live and can confirm that they are incredible. Any artist who has a knack for good lyrics and poetry (Nick Cave, Bruce Springsteen, Laura Marling and Leonard Cohen among a few) will find themselves constantly on loop in my house.

I also love a good book and I enjoy fantasy novels but the more meaningful books, to me, are ones that have that believable human connection. Give me the flaws, the imperfections, the grey areas before any perfect worlds. Magic isn’t everything, folks. Saying that, I wish it was real.

I have a black cat who is the clumsiest creature in all existence. Seriously, he has no spatial awareness. He wakes me up in the middle of the night all the time with his nocturnal sprints down the hall, clattering into tables, and scratching at things. Honestly, I’d rather have a sloth.

This blog will feature all manners of things which probably won’t make any sense or will be mad ramblings or self-pitying posts but I hope they’re all entertaining and won’t bore you. I’n mainly trying to connect with other creative souls around the globe and share our passions for all things concerning art; stories, films, books, painting, photography – anything that tells a story.

Let’s connect! 🌸 x