Shedding Skin

I am capable. Today, even though I’m horrendously hungover, I realise that there’s an inner well inside me filled with strength. When I woke up around 8am this morning I could’ve stayed in bed all day feeling sorry for myself and let the post-drinks depression kick in, but I didn’t. As usual I picked up … More Shedding Skin

Ovary Big Mess

I’ve been wanting to talk about this for a while but was too embarrassed to do so until I realised that everyone, well, every woman suffers from this hellish experience every single month of their lives until they reach menopause. Yup, I’m talking about periods. Well, it all started with me coming off the contraceptive … More Ovary Big Mess


It’s been three years. Three whole years since my mum passed away. She was 53 years old. It was heart failure. When I remember my mum, I remember someone who was strong, wore a full face of make-up, and walked with purpose. She seemed to know things intuitively. It was almost like a sixth sense. … More Memories

Letting the Light In

Tonight I’m going to see one of my favourite bands, a Swedish sister duo called First Aid Kit. I only discovered them a year ago and already I’m in love with their lyrics. One of the songs that comes to mind is ‘Stay Gold’ and how there’s this desperation, this glimmer of hope, for things … More Letting the Light In